Carlsberg and Heineken belong to a group of five of the world’s largest breweries. These companies are natural and serious competitors on the market, however there is a certain issue in the name of which they act arm to arm and support one another – patents.

The case which caused in recent months a lot of movement in the beer world, were patents held by Carlsberg and Heineken together, in which they claim barley as their „invention”. The most worrying aspect seems to be the scope of the patents: they cover not only the barley, the brewing process, but also the beer itself.

We asked the representatives of our Wroclaw craft breweries.

Karol Sadłowski, Profesja

Browar Profesja

When I read the information about that patent I thought it was some kind of a joke. It was a masterpiece from the business point of view: it eliminates competition and creates monopoly with just one move. It is not the first time big corporations try to take advantage of the bureaucratic machinery for own purposes, however in the era of general accessibility to information, we have the chance to react quickly to such attempts. I am convinced that under the pressure of the whole brewing industry, mainly from Germany, it will be possible to limit granting such type of patents which are not the results of conducted research, but merely attempts at limiting competition.

Agnieszka Wołczaska-Prasolik, Warsztat Piwowarski

Browar Warsztat Piwowarski

Seemingly, it should be bright as day for any normal human being, that the idea is too absurd to worry about it – because it’s impossible to be given a pass. Unfortunately, in our post Orwellian times bigger impudences were signed off – so yes, it’s worth protesting and explaining the obvious.

Browar Warsztat Piwowarski

Fot. Browar Warsztat Piwowarski