The next ITea&Coffee sounds really interesting! Agata Piórkowska from SoftServe will show you ,,how to rock your next presentation” instead of thinking ,,how to survive your next presentation”. Paulina Siwiec, Senior UX Designer at Intive, will tell you more about product design, different types of clients and designers from hell. Feel invited for the next meeting on this Thursday in Proza.

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A presentation is not Power Point. You are the presentation

Do you consider public speaking a challenge? Do you read guide books on “how to rock your next presentation” while the question “how to survive your next presentation” would be far more accurate? Mark Twain once said: ‚There are two types of speakers – those that are nervous and those that are liars’. I would like to convince you that while you should take great care of preparing content and design, delivery – the third inseparable part of every presentation – is actually the most important one. This speech is also meant to show you a dialogue as a great way to deliver a
presentation… without passing out.

About the speaker

Agata Piórkowska is a Resource Manager at SoftServe with 5 years of professional experience in talent acquisition within IT sector. Psychology graduate with strong interest in human relations and personal development. Travel enthusiast and a book-lover. She likes to challenge herself by giving presentations from time to time.

Clients in the woods and designers from hell

Paulina Siwiec work as Senior UX Designer at Intive. During her performance she will talk about different types of clients and how to deal with their expectations and attitude in the context of product design. Nice and easy like breakfast television.

About the speaker

Paulina Siwiec is always focused on understanding both users’ and investors’ needs. She enjoys dealing with UX design challenges and generating the best thinkable solutions. She finds her degree in architecture as very useful for understanding the intricate processes comprehensively and for translating them into ergonomic interfaces. She loves working with people and for people.


Have you heard about ITea&Coffee before?

ITea&Coffee meetings are monthly morning lecture series for IT community in Wrocław as today our city is a great hub of many IT opportunities. The presenters share their knowledge and rich experience and describe one specific topic from different perspectives.

Once a month, usually on a 1st Thursday of the month, IT experts meet with participants to be IT gather for around 1 hour morning event. They take place at 8.00-8.30 am, followed by discussion till 10.00 am. Event languages are either English or Polish (depending on foreign participants presence).

The sponsor of ITea&Coffee meetings is SoftServe.

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Cherry Event will be organised with support of Intive