What is CQRS exactly and how does it simplify your life in IT? How could you use React to improve code readability? Two experienced speakers will share their knowledge with you. If you are interested in IT issues, feel invited for the next meeting on this Thursday.

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Subjective best practices for React

While working on a last project Wojciech Piątkowski and his team started from good practices provided by React official documentation. ,,We found them helpful, but soon it appeared they are not enough. Overtime code clearness dropped significantly. This was thanks to continuously growing project, a diverse team and JavaScript itself with it’s flexibility and constantly appearing new features – which we like to adapt. Together with the team, we introduced a number of good practices to improve overall code consistency and readability. They are subjective and I want to share them.”

About the speaker

Wojciech Piątkowski has nine years of experience as a full stack developer in various web technologies. Enjoying recent switch from Angular to React + Flux architecture. Personally a fan of Typescript, sleeping late and scuba diving.

How to simplify your life in IT? CQRS could be the answer

Complexity management is one of the most difficult things in software development and there are a lot of tools and patterns intended to help with it. CQRS is one of the patterns which serves as a basis for more elaborate patterns and software design styles. This presentation is an attempt to present to problem field and start a discussion on CRQS applicability as well as some existing libraries for .NET platform that could be used to simplify life a bit.

About the speaker

Maksym is an application architect working with small to medium size projects, with the background of being a .NET engineer; interested in cloud, architecture design and software engineering.


Have you heard about ITea&Coffee before?

ITea&Coffee meetings are morning lecture series for IT community in Wrocław as today our city is a great hub of many IT opportunities. The presenters share their knowledge and rich experience and describe one specific topic from different perspectives.

On a 1st Thursday of the month, IT experts meet with participants to be IT gather for around 2 hours event. They start usually at 17.30. Event languages are either English or Polish (depending on foreign participants presence).

The sponsor of ITea&Coffee meetings is SoftServe.

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