After years of poor offer of city beaches in Wroclaw it seems we finally have a choice. You will be able to spend this summer season in numerous beach bars located along the Oder banks. Most of them are brand new.

ZaZoo Beach Bar


The trend for such places was started a couple of years ago by Kafe Plaża first located near Zwierzyniecki Bridge by the zoo and then changed its location to Wybrzeże Słowackiego right beside Grunwaldzki Bridge. This extremely popular bar in Wroclaw was closed in 2015.

The niche has been filled by two new ones however: ZaZoo Beach Bar located, as the name suggests, behind (in Polish “za”) zoological garden; and Odra-Pany that fitted into former police barracks unused for a couple of years at ul. Księcia Witolda. Both sites were totally jam-packed during warm evenings and nights and the beach fun to the sounds of music often ended at dawn.

This summer season looks even more promising. The two mentioned open-air clubs reopened and we also have a couple of new ones.


This is the latest project by the owners of ZaZoo who claim HotSpot to be the biggest city beach in Poland. The beach covers an area of about 1.3 hectare at ul. Wejherowska near Millenijny Bridge and Orbita Hall.

In leisure zone we may find e.g. deck chairs and umbrellas, while in sports zone there are volleyball, badminton and boules game courts. Obviously you will be also able to enjoy bars with food and beverage as well as the scene with numerous concerts.

Stara Odra Beach Bar

You can relax on sand also at an old Oder quay near Trzebnickie Bridges at ul. Zawalna.

The initiators of the project encourage, “After all, this is our good old Oder (“stara” in Polish means “old”). Feel the sand under your feet and the music in your ears.”

The place also offers concerts and evening parties.

Basen Beach Bar

Basen Beach Bar is located opposite to Stara Odra Beach Bar on the other bank of the river at ul. Pasterska.
“Basen” means “swimming pool” so, as the name obliges, apart from the beach and bar, guests may also enjoy a pool ideal for getting some refreshment during scorching summer days. Additionally, aside from concerts and parties, there will also be an opportunity to participate in yoga classes or family picnics.

Forma Płynna

Another new location on the city`s beach bar map is Forma Płynna which has sprung at Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego nearby Grunwaldzki Bridge and the campus of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. For a change it offers green grass and tress instead of sand and – as the representatives admit – will soon also have bark.

Bucanero Karaiby na Niby

“Your Caribbean relax zone in Wroclaw”, as the owners of Bucanero Karaiby na Niby advertise it. This city beach has arisen at ul. Wróblewskiego in Biskupin nearby Wittigowo campus.

The guests will find there deck chairs, hammocks, swings, well stocked bar with cold drinks and Greek cuisine, and on weekends even a smoked fish from a private smoke house.

Wyspa Tamka

Wyspa Tamka is located in the very city centre of Wroclaw on a small island at the junction of ul. Grodzka and Szewska that has been deserted for many years after Wroclaw and Medical Universities had left the buildings located there. This year is much different due to the opening of a new summer bar.

Tamka is often a venue for music parties and concerts. It has also hosted a vintage market fair that offered various original clothes for this summer. The place has quickly won the hearts of Wroclaw residents who attend it great in numbers especially on weekends.

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